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Where the Woodbine Twineth

Black & White version (AHH):   Nell Snyder (Margaret Leighton) suddenly finds herself the parent of her orphaned niece, Eva (Eileen Baral), a little girl with decidedly strange behavior.  It seems that every time Eva gets into trouble, she blames an imaginary playmate named Mr. Peppercorn.  Nell is unable to comprehend the girl and their relationship becomes even worse after the arrival of Eva's grandfather, King Snyder (Carl Benton Reid), a riverboat captain who gives her a Creole voodoo doll.  Within a short time, Nell is convinced that the doll is real and is trying to capture her soul - which she is determined to do something about.  Following the child and the doll into the woods... well, the rest of the story makes for one of the most interesting, scary, exciting and popular episodes ever produced by the Hitchcock organization.  Also featured are Juanita Moore as Suse, the maid, Joel Fluellen as Jessie, E. J. Andre as the preacher and Lila Perry as Numa.  Teleplay written for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour by James Bridges, based on the short story "You Never Believe Me" by Davis Grubb, originally published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.  Music composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann.  Produced by Norman Lloyd, Directed by Alf Kjellin.  First aired January 11, 1965 (Season 3, Episode 13).   

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